Hello its been a while.........

I can’t believe its been so long since I made a blog post, so much has happened! I have taken on a new work challenge that I love. where I work in the realms of TV/Film here in Vancouver………I job I absolutely love from the people I collaborate with to the work that is executed. Its never the same and always amazing when its realized for the camera…..WOW we did that!

I have taken some time off for the last month or so, and had time to first refocus and relax, that is one thing with the film industry its full speed……and sometimes its a long time before you stop and take a break. I like to use the term 'set dec years' and every show is one set dec year, so some years are two or three long! The time I was away was kick started by Mum having surgery and I was to be her respite and care person so that gave me a great change to spend time with her, from being there and now in the rehab, she is gaining strength and mobility everyday! So this gave me time to think what is the next chapter going to be for Rampant Red?

Well I have changed my Design mantra from home design and carried it over to tv/film and with that insight have helped my fellow workers build and create, and also have taken the big step of Decorating on some small films and tv networks. Which I absolutely love, as each time I use my insight and skills and also learn new skills for the next gig project. I have learned that my strengths are in textiles and lighting.....and helping build a room for camera, with the small details that build a story or highlight a character.

So with that insight I am happy to say I will be sharing more details on the Life and Work of the realms of Set Decorating Department which I work in as a Dresser, and insight on transferable skills I have used in other projects as the Set Decorator/Designer. Sharing my insights on how the design can be similar from your home space to a set space.

Plus I will announce some collaborations too!

So I am back………and look forward to still collaborating with you and your design needs from the home space to the set!


Jacqueline aka Rampant RED