Rampant Red Design is a Free Lance Interior Design company operating out of the Vancouver area for over five years. I design with  the bold attitude  of keeping design unique  and real - hence the `Design4Life  that covers my west coast designs. 

Many people are shy about hiring a designer because they don’t know what to expect. Let me walk your through a typical consult. 

The initial consult. 

Though it might seem out of place, the most important step in the design process is for the designer to listen and ask questions. I am a firm believer that the homeowner is the most important part of the design process, after all we design living spaces for real people, not for magazine spreads. Each family will have different needs and desires, its up to me as the designer to find out your needs before moving forward with something you are going to love.

Approaching my work as  a boutique style designer I appreciate the privilege  to create spaces in the Home as unique as the people who live in them.  

1. The Big Plan

After our initial consult I will take with me all your families needs and come up with a design plan. Usually I will give you a broad look at what I am thinking. Here you will see a general overview of colours, fabrics and some suggestions for remodeling if needed. This is where we get to use fun terms like, “West Coast look” or “Modern Metropolis”. This plan will give you ballpark idea of the cost of your project. Here is where we can move things around or change up some plans to fit the budget.

2. Change is coming

Once you have signed off on the changes I will get trades in to give us some firm quotes and we start scheduling the work to begin. I start getting samples for you to choose from and before you know it you have a new home. I get to do all the running around and sourcing materials from my wide array of trades and goods providers and you get to sit back and relax knowing it’s all being taken care of.

3. The Dressing and Reveal.

After the trades have finished we get to put the cherry on top by dressing your new space. This might be a simple day or a few days of work, depending on the house and project. This is where new fabrics, furniture, textiles and decorative items are arranged. The finishing touches are applied.

See that was painless! Ready now to start-  lets chat!

















      Designing Outside the BOX for the Masses- One Space at a Time.