Hello Room, what do you have to offer?

Retreatfull spaces can simply be started with having a conversation with a room. This is what us designers do when we walk into a space, looking at the potentical, seeing the flaws and enbracing them to inspire an amazing place to dwell in.......a home. 

Today this Mood-board design was created simply by selecting a wallpaper and a Blue Sofa, then continuing by building a space to enhance the design elements of a neutral brown oil rubbed hardwood floor. Not too worry dark wallpaper does work when shared with  large windows, that will be dressed in faux blue satin drapery. - I know too delish! But the outcome can be found here.........

OB- Retreatful Glam.jpg

A conversation plus design elements equals a collaboration. 

Design4Life and Real Living with Jacqueline at Rampant RED Design 


Does your space need to be found? Does it have potential........then let me have that conversation with your space and make it happen. Simply email me.....jacqueline@rampantreddeisgn.com  services include in person consults and eDesign.