The end of the Petals........

With February and sharing the love of flowers, I found it only natural that it could be a topic for the end of the month. 

When all the beauty of the floral arrangement is gone, where do the petals go? Usually in our garbage or compost I imagine. For me why not sprinkle them around your front steps, over your rocks in the garden. They are going to decompose anyway, and it does look so pretty when visitors or you come to the door! Hello and Welcome Back. 

I also like to sprinkle them down my garden hill, where my hound used to walk......just as a reminder and to bring a smile to my heart. 

So before you get rid of those petals.......sprinkle them about and give your walkway a shout out of colour. 

The garden hill petal trail

The garden hill petal trail



door petals 002.JPG
door petals 001.JPG