Top 3, Say What?

Hey its Tuesday and I am all about thinking outside the box  not only in  life but when forming thoughts in design.  With this thought for Tip Tuesday I wanted  to share my top three questions from my clients this past week. 

  1. I want to install  hardwood flooring, what colour should I get? 
  • Fantastic question! I think we are generally pulled towards rich colours in hardwood and hence I often see floors with allot of red or warm undertones. This can be tricky to build for other elements in the room, like colour mainly due to light (natural and illuminated) due to reflection. The answer.....always choose a floor that is neutral. I can't stress this enough! Choose a floor that has no red or yellow undertones. There are masses of choices available in browns/blacks and greys, and with absolutely gorgeous grains. Seek these options and embrace the beauty of the wood. The only time you should choose red or yellow  undertones is if the flooring is your MAIN feature. By keeping your floor neural you allow the floor to ground all the other elements of the space, creating balance and harmony.

     2. At what height should I hang my art? My photo's? 

  • Another great question......I actually always think who is looking at these pieces that are hung to high? Think of your pieces as windows, and when you pass them ask yourself, 'don't you want to peer into them'? If so.....then they should be at gallery level....aka eye level. Now I know that everyone is different heights, so what is the standard is the question? Measure the wall and find the center point..........this is the gallery height. The center point of the piece should be hung here. Now if you have huge cathedral ceilings again common sense is this isn't how you measure. Then use a door/window as your guide/marker to find your center point (door frame is usually 8ft) and go from there. 
  • Gallery Wall? Then again use the same center point as your start and build and expand out and go up in the same way, the closer the pieces are together the more interest you will have. I am often asked if there should be a consistency in the photos or pieces. Yes, build a gallery in the same hue, or frame for consistency. Add the bold piece in a bold colour or change the colour of the frame for that point of interest. Be creative in your gallery vignette.....make it personal and it will shine on the wall! 

     3. My tables are full of clutter, ornaments, mementos and I need to have them. But aren't they great? I              just love them.....but I think I should get rid of them? What do you think Designer? 

  • Ahhh the baited question, asking for permission but know you don't want to hear my answer! I actually laugh when this is poised! But yes I can relate, we all have mementos we love, maybe precious objects that we inherited and then we have coasters, books galore that all need a place of presence. So give them some presence! Group them on a table, a buffet or a shelf. Use them to tell a story in a vignette. My last client had amazing pieces and about seven too many all displayed in row on a coffee table. Each very important and cherished, but sadly they just look like they were the first line of attack in the space! She also had beautiful platters and I was introducing blues to the space. So we took a blue platter, assembled three objects on it, and balanced with height of a large candlestick and small the center of the table. The side table I piled three books on, a set of coasters and a silver trinket. All of sudden these pieces seemed more interesting.....she began to tell me stories about them. Hey I gave them presence! So look at your pieces, and relax them from being on them in odd numbers on a tray or platter balance them with height and add a poise. Go on try it......see what happens. 

That's my TOP Three for this week! Hope this helped you expand your knowledge in your space! Have a questions.....send it to me for another top three Tuesday.

Cheers Dharlings, 

Jacqueline aka Rampant Red.......