New Year

Well it has arrived 2014! In reflection 2013 was an amazing year in design we did learn to embrace new colours, make our space as functional as possible and at the same time we took on renovations with the understanding that we can achieve beautiful spaces while being less harmful to our environment. Many people said it was a hard year in design, not a lot of money injected into it. I disagree. As a designer I believe folks made wiser decisions and were more conscious of what products where best for their space and their pouches. So thank you for challenging us as designers to use the best in our resources to assist you!

One of the big chinwags in design was lighting. How do we react to different ways our space is lighted, how much light do we want? How does that natural light differ from induced light. We all wanted as much exposure as possible, yet we all want privacy too. How does lighting change our colours, our textures? What is the UV protection? We are all smarter for these questions.

 Does it make our space pop? I love to hear that phrase!  We all are living in a fast pace, information overloaded world and we want sleek yet simple design. Yes to orange but hello at the same time to quietness of wheat or white. As designer we joke about the many shades of white, how white opens a space, endless. Refreshing after a day in the hustle of society. Yet it was a year of 'fifty shades of Grey', where we took time to bring in the beauty of the west coast and make it personal with other colour. Adding purple, red, blues, yellows and the natural brown tones. One of my favorites is how we embraced Black, it is not just  that door colour  in morning.  Black adds sophistication, drama, its respectful to its surroundings and adds dash of stunning n' sleek to any space. Well done if you tried it out. We did sip in the colour, the fixtures, the furniture, accessories and black dresses of design for 2013. We took time to see what we really wanted and how we would get it, keeping it real and we are all the better for it.


 So what is next? What will  the world of interior design bring us for 2014, how will our journey continue in our space. What will we add or edit? Ahhh, the work of a designer - saving one space at a time. I love that saying, it would make a great bumper sticker!  Stay tuned for a look into 2014 and all its splendor soon.



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