Living Greens

Here is a Design Board created from the starting point of this amazing wallpaper by Jonathan Adler. I wanted to create a space that had warmth, style that has the potential to be REAL. By introducing living greens of Christmas, tree & wreath and then accent the mantel with pine cones and candles. Possibly a collection of mis-shaped with varying heights wooden and brass candlesticks. 

The area rug is darker but grounds the space and the yellow is the perfect accent to the space elements. The arm chairs are rugged yet refined.......for coffee or cocktails the space speaks to everyone. I love hardware and would introduce a collection of stag heads amongst  mirrors to reflect and take it all in. 

The table and lamp accent each other with the element of brass, the green Lucite chandelier is paired perfectly with the sofa and raw silk pillows. This is everyday style, introduce the red plaid and grey pillows we bring the elements of lodge, winter.....Christmas. I think nothing of putting word pillows out for the season, a great accent and fab excuse to purchase and always being updating your textiles! Remember Pillows, drapery and throws not only always add warmth to the room but  are simple space updates through the seasons! 

Be Inspired, BE YOU..........


Rampant Red